Ronda Dixon for Judge 2024

Ronda Dixon

Ronda R. Dixon, Esq.

Ronda Dixon is an attorney with a broad range of legal practice – both transactional and litigation – in the fields of criminal, civil rights, eviction/foreclosure, immigration, contract negotiation and entertainment law. She is the founder and principal of Dixon Justice Center, with a legal career spanning more than 30+ years in the public and private sectors. 

Born in Los Angeles, she attended schools in Los Angeles and Pasadena, graduating from South Pasadena High School.  Along the way, while in elementary school, she lived in Vietnam, as well as Thailand, because of her father’s career with the military.  After high school she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, Communications and English Literature at Pitzer College and went on to earn a Juris Doctorate at the University of California Davis, King Hall School of Law in 1988. 

Her work experience has been varied.  Her law career began in the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Later, she was a sole practitioner with a specialty in entertainment law.  Her aspirations to work more closely with underserved community members led her, in 2004, to become the Executive Director of Dream-builders, a nonprofit Supplemental Educational Services provider serving K-12 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District and Inglewood Unified School District. From 2007-2013, she led Dixon Recovery Institute, Inc., a non-profit behavioral health clinic serving at-risk youth and adults for the Department of Child and Family Services, LAUSD, Probation, and the Los Angeles Superior Court.  In 2015, Ms. Dixon returned to private practice, first as the principal of Dixon Law Associates and since October 2019, under the name Dixon Justice Center.  At the same time, she continued her work for non-profit organizations and has also worked as a Cannabis Consultant to the City of Sacramento as well as City of Los Angeles and a Policy/Compliance Expert for Green Believers, a Social Equity Incubator featuring prominent and nationally recognized cannabis leaders, advocates, medical professionals, scientist, cultivators, extractors, attorneys. Using communication skills honed as an undergraduate student in college, she hosted a show, “Some of Us Are Brave” for seven years on public radio station KPFK, which focused on issues relevant to African-American women. 

Ms. Dixon’s work in the courtroom has allowed her to see multiple sides of the justice system: case presentations by the District Attorney and defense attorney, as well as opinions and sentencing from the judge. In pursuit of justice for clients, she has worked diligently to make sure she has been prepared when representing her clients, ensuring that all of the evidence is properly documented and presented. She has been successful in most of her cases, however, even with compelling evidence, she has witnessed cases in which clients (hers and others) have not received the benefit of current and appropriate, sentencing guidelines and have been incarcerated unnecessarily. This has led to her platform which includes more listening and compassion on the part of those serving as judges, as well as more familiarity with current sentencing guidelines, to ensure that clients receive a sentence that not only fits the crime, but offers the best possible opportunity for rehabilitation.  With values rooted in fairness and compassion, she said she has often felt the weight of the suffering experienced by those who were not treated fairly by the legal system.  Those feelings led her to pursue a seat on the bench.

Ms. Dixon said, “Unfortunately for some, being tough on crime has come to mean being tough on certain people.  I believe sentences should not favor one branch of the legal system. I want to level the playing field with fair and impartial sentences. I believe the legal system should work for all, regardless of income or class status. I stand for restorative justice and alternative sentencing options.” 

Ms. Dixon has been recognized by elected officials and non-profit organizations for her contributions to the community in assisting residents with addiction and emotional issues.  With an interest in student achievement, she currently serves on the board of the ICEF Schools Legal and Academic Committees. .

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